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Volgograd celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Volga-Don Canal

July 27 marks the 70th anniversary of the opening of the Volga-Don Shipping Channel. Linking  Volga and Don rivers, it connects the Azov, White, Baltic, Caspian and Black Seas into a single transport network.

The canal, whose length exceeds 100 km, was built in a record short time — 3.5 years. For comparison, the construction of the 80-kilometer Panama Canal took 35 years. That is why the canal is called the great communism construction.

Since 2021, more than 150 employees of AN-Security have been responsible for the safety of 15 hydraulic structures of the Volga-Don Canal around the clock. At the official celebration of the anniversary in Volgograd, our transport security unit will present the capabilities of a mobile inspection point (MIP) and a mobile autonomous control node (MACN).

We thank the administration of the Volga-Don Canal for their trust and wish them success!