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Pandemonium in a shopping mall. 9,000 people turned up at once for a meeting with bloggers in Ufa

On 8 June, popular bloggers Yulia "Roblox Queen" and Danya Priput held a meeting with fans at the Mega shopping mall in Ufa. Hundreds and hundreds of parents and their kids had been rushing to the mall since morning. It soon became clear that the number of visitors was much higher than expected, so urgent action had to be taken. The event organizers reached out to the AN-Security staff (as the mall is under our protection), and they took over the situation.
Yulia and Danya had already hosted similar events in other cities across Russia, but it was in Ufa that the attendance record was set. Yulia has about 7 million subscribers on Youtube. Danya has 206 thousand on Likee. Fans from Ufa wanted not only to look at their idols, but also to get the cherished pictures with them. Under these circumstances, our colleagues had to organize all the guests as quickly as possible, manage the flow of people and, of course, act as bodyguards for the stars. Security was strengthened by additional 10 staff members, and barriers were set up to designate areas for the stage, photo zones, the walkway, and the exit.
The photo session with kids lasted almost 3 hours and involved about 500 people who had bought tickets in advance. On that day, young bloggers received dozens of gifts, including drawings, cards and soft toys.

"With so many people who came to the mall, Yulia was distressed that she wouldn’t be able to pay attention to each child," said our fire inspector Kairat Lekerov, who was on duty that day. Of course, he didn’t miss the chance to take a memorable photo with the stars either.