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Employees of AN-Security prevented the business center from catching fire in Dubai

Employees of AN-Security rescued the 32-storey Iris Bay business center from a fire. It took only eight minutes to eliminate the fire.

On May 13, an alarm was received on the fire alarm panel of the Dubai business Center. The employees of AN-Security, Joshua Afari and Atta Ur Rehman, who were on night duty, reacted to it. When checking, it turned out that the fire occurred in the office on the 11th floor.

The security staff notified the technical service about the emergency, called the fire department and began evacuating the building. Thanks to the prompt actions of the employees of AN-Security, the fire was localized and eliminated in eight minutes.

"You have done a great job to put out a real fire and save Iris Bay from losses and losses," the management of the business center thanked the security service.

Five days later, on May 18, due to the incident, extraordinary fire safety exercises were held in Iris Bay. At the event, fire safety was checked and the actions of employees in emergency situations were worked out once again.

Iris Bay is a high—rise commercial complex in the center of Dubai. The building is built in the shape of a crescent. Inside the center there are not only offices, but also shopping areas, an outdoor swimming pool, restaurants and cafes.