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Best friend and security guard: four-legged employees of AN-Security

In our time, security is inextricably linked with technology: drones, thermal imagers, alarm systems, metal detectors and other technical means help the employees of AN-Security. But our Company is capable of making pleasant surprises!
Aiva, a Labrador retriever service dog, works in the regional representative office of the Volga Region. Our four-legged employee underwent special training and practice at the Center of the Cynological Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan. Now Aiva's duties include the search and detection of dangerous objects: explosives, explosive devices, weapons and ammunition.
Aiva is not the only fluffy minor of AN-Security. That being said, security service employees, including a service dog with a dog handler, together with emergency services practiced actions in case of fire, detection of unidentified objects and evacuation of visitors at a large shopping center in Kazan.
And in Adygea, during a shift change, employees of mobile crews noticed a dog on the road. The dog was, according to eyewitnesses, hit by a car. Our colleague did not remain indifferent and took the unlucky mongrel to a shelter for injured animals. Fortunately, no spinal injury was confirmed, and the dog was given a new name — Security, in honour of our Company. He is now protecting his new family.