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A drone over the facility. What does security do?

By the beginning of 2024, about 70 Russian regions have introduced a ban on the use of drones as one of the security measures. However, drones continue to be launched. We can tell you what security guards do when an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) appears.

Employees of AN-Security from Novosibirsk practiced actions when a UAV was detected near a guarded shopping mall. According to the scenario, a visitor reported that a drone hovered in front of the mall. The security officer immediately sent the information to video surveillance operators who took a close look at the area.
At the same time, the head of the security shift informs the customer about the incident, the operator of the access control system calls the police and the FSB. Additional surveillance posts are set up in the outside, and available security personnel are sent to support colleagues who provide security for the entrance lobbies.
In such a situation, it is important to avoid independent actions: security staff is obliged to act clearly according to the algorithm and follow the recommendations of the police on-duty services. In case of a possible threat, the security guards evacuate visitors.