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So different, yet so much the same: fire safety and anti-terror drills

Our Company would say it again and again: high-level security is impossible without regular training. We share details of fire and anti-terrorism drills in Russia and the UAE.

Practicing codes

Many places of mass stay, such as shopping malls, have their own system of codes — specially encrypted messages on a possible emergency. They help to convey information to employees without causing panic among visitors, and usually announced over a loudspeaker.

Thus, one of the facilities of the regional representative office “Siberia” held a training on the subject “Actions of security guards when announcing codes”. For two days, the employees practiced the algorithm of actions in different situations, whether it was an armed attack or fire.
Fire safety

At the Almaz Tower location in Dubai, security guards performed well in an internal fire safety drill. The event was held without the involvement of first responders, which was a good chance for the guards to prove themselves and demonstrate their skills in coordinated evacuation and firefighting. Such trainings allow staff to act confidently in case of emergency.

Anti-terrorist security classes were held in the largest shopping malls in Rostov and Adygea. According to the scenario, a “terrorist” came to the shopping mall to plant an explosive device in the recreation area. Seven minutes later, a patrol officer noticed the abandoned item and passed the information to the management. After that, all services acted strictly according to the algorithm: they informed the administration, tracked the path of the offender and put a special code into effect. Later at night, when the shopping mall was closed to visitors, the second part of the training was held — the suspicious object was neutralized using a special device.