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Lords of the Flies: Recycling with maximum benefit

In early December, AN-Security entered into an agreement with Mars to dispose of expired and substandard products. The test processing took place last week at the regional representative office of the Volga Region.

The processing of food waste takes place on the basis of the feed protein producer. The main role is played not by employees or machines, but by the larvae of the Black Lion fly (Latin Hermetia illucens). It is they who transform the illiquid in a natural way.

One fly is able to lay tens of thousands of eggs at a time, and after 45 days the hungry "newborns" are placed in a mass of crushed food waste where they dispose of it. The larvae are then separated and processed into food ingredients that serve as a substitute for fishmeal and soy.

"The flies themselves are environmentally safe, as they are not a vector of infections and are able to exist only in special greenhouse conditions. And most importantly: they don't bite!" — the manufacturer notes.

Ten tons of expired products were processed at the test disposal. We continue our cooperation!