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Productive July: "Sin", Dr.Head, "Tasty and that's it" and many others

In July, AN-Security employees took over dozens of new facilities across Russia. But - a thing at a time. 

RE Trading
On March 29, the Polish retailer and clothing manufacturer LPP, which owns the Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay brands, announced its departure from Russia. The company sold Russian assets to businessmen from China. The rights to use trademarks and brands were not involved in the transaction, so the stores are now called abbreviated: RE, Cr, XC, M and "Sin".
Within a month, employees of AN-Security took over the protection of more than 30 stores across Russia — from Sochi to Novokuznetsk.

This summer, new Dr.Head stores, which specialize in audio products, including headphones, vinyl records and professional audio systems, opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg under the protection of AN-Security.

On July 1, employees of the Company from the regional representative office of Bashkiria took over the protection of the Magnitogorsk branch of JSC "Sitimatik" — one of the leaders of the solid municipal waste management market in Russia.
The new branch serves the Magnitogorsk City District and ten municipal districts of the Chelyabinsk region, where more than 650 thousand people live. The waste sorting complex processes 200 thousand tons of garbage per year.

"Tasty and that's it"
At the beginning of summer, the first restaurant of the updated chain "Tasty and that's it" opened in Moscow. Gradually, "points" began to open all over the country, and in Obninsk, the security of the guests of the sensational restaurant is now provided by the employees of AN-Security.

Finally, in July, we secured the St. Petersburg Printburger factory, which is engaged in the production of clothing with prints designed by the clients themselves.