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Water Rescue: How we train workers to provide first aid

AN-Security is not only security personnel, fire or emergency services, but also professional rescuers with appropriate education, licenses and certificates. Even such experienced professionals can be taught new things by our Corporate University.

Training manager Evgeny Bezborodov conducted a practical first aid class for rescuers providing services in the spa complex of a St. Petersburg hotel. Special attention was paid to traumas that most often occur at the facility: overheating, hypothermia, cuts, accidents on the water and injuries caused by slippery surfaces.
The rescuers of AN-Security worked out each theoretical block in practice. As such, they trained the mechanics of CPR and rescue breathing on a special dummy simulator, made bandages on all parts of the body, learned fast and easy ways to transport the victim. After the training, the colleagues shared cases from their practice and discussed them.
A separate block concerned the effective configuration of the first aid kit. Unfortunately, quality products are not always presented in ready-made first aid kits that comply with GOST. For example, a standard tourniquet is easily torn when being applied. Evgeny recommends replacing it with the so—called 'rough marmalade' - a special plaited cloth made of a high-molecular polymer.
The training lasted for an entire working day. Such an approach gives us the confidence that our employees will be ready to work out any emergency situation not just in theory, but in practice.