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A street lamp lit up in the Kizhi Museum-Reserve

On the night of July 25-26, a street lamp wiring broke out near the main tourist pier in Kizhi. The incident occurred around two o'clock in the morning.

The non-departmental security guards of the Rosgvardiya Department for the Republic of Karelia, who are responsible for the safety of the museum-reserve, promptly arrived at the place. They learned about the incident from employees of the AN-Security transport security unit, who noticed a fire during a planned patrolling tour of the territory, notified the emergency services on duty and started extinguishing the fire.

"Upon arrival, the Russian Guards promptly blocked the road, provided unhindered access of special fire and rescue equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and made a detour of the adjacent territory and buildings in order to identify civilians for their further evacuation," the press service of the ministry reported.

Recall that on Kizhi Island there are wooden buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The Historical and Architectural Museum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Russia. Therefore, any fire is a big risk.

The fire was extinguished within ten minutes after the arrival of private security.

"Our employees arrived at the scene, but their help was not required," the press service of the Karelian Ministry of Emergency Situations noted.

Also, on July 17, exercises were held on the island to detect an unattended object: during a detour, one of the employees of AN-Security found a dummy bomb and signaled a colleague. They promptly isolated the object with an explosion localizer — a special container with a protective cover. Then our colleagues reported the incident to the local dispatcher, who contacted the emergency services, and evacuated visitors from the island.