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Radiation safety under control

Our Company takes care of the health of its employees and visitors to the facilities, therefore, technosphere safety specialists conducted dosimetric control at the Chudovo-Moskovskoye railway station.

Inspection equipment — an introscope and a human X-ray scanner — emits X-rays only at the time of scanning, and in doses that do not pose a threat to health. Since the operators of the complexes work directly with man-made sources of ionizing radiation, they belong to the personnel of group "A" and are required to undergo special training every five years.

In accordance with the legislation, AN-Security specialists carry out production control over radiation safety on a regular basis. In this they are assisted by individual dosimeters — special devices for determining the radiation power.

At the station complex, the head of technosphere safety projects, Sergey Alennikov, measured the level of X-ray radiation on the surfaces of inspection equipment and workplaces of Group A personnel, and also checked on special checklists whether employees comply with the requirements of the Federal Law and regulatory documents in the field of radiation safety. As a result, the radiation standards are met, and the employees know and comply with the law!