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AN-Security Cyber-Security in new pakaging

AN-Security Cyber-Security is one of the youngest branches in our ecosystem. Despite this, the employees have already released more than 20 software products. Now the work of developers has become more tangible — for we have created physical packaging for each of our programs.

The impetus for the development has become the resolution of the Mindigit (Ministry of Digital Development). Though we must admit that this idea has been circulating among the minds of our specialists for a long time. Some years ago, you could find lots of packages with software on the shelves of computer stores: office and professional kits, anti-viruses. Now that most of them could be purchased and downloaded online, the popularity and range of such products has shrunk. Their number has further significantly decreased with the departure of Western vendors from the Russian market. This has become another reason to develop our own software products.

The packaging composition is the same for all of the 23 programs. Inside there is a branded flash drive with the program itself and accompanying documents, an installation manual, and an eco—pen with our logo as a pleasant souvenir.
Some of the programs are completely plug-and-play products: these are easy to install on a computer or server without the involvement of specialists. All software products are registered with Rospatent, and some are included in the Register of Russian Software.