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Evacuation of a victim from a high-rise building

Alarm, notification, organized exit and tedious waiting on the street are the standard scenario of evacuation exercises. But it is such only for eyewitnesses, the specialists involved at this time work out actions by seconds in order to work as a well-coordinated mechanism in case of a real threat.

At one of the production facilities protected by AN-Security, in early October, training sessions were held to evacuate the victim from a high-rise building. According to legend, an employee was inspecting the equipment on the roof when an explosion suddenly occurred. As a result, the factory worker injured his leg and could not get out on his own.

Following the notification scheme, the injured employee first reported the fire by calling 112, after which he reported the incident to the shift supervisor of the plant. The latter passed the information to the head of the security shift and moved to the scene of the incident. All this took no more than eight minutes.

The employees of AN-Security entered into the case: after learning about the incident, the senior guard sent the crew of the rapid response team to the emergency site, duplicated the application by phone 112, reported the incident to the health center and sent the second crew of the GBR to the checkpoint to meet emergency services.

Arriving at the place of the call, firefighters began to localize and extinguish the fire, and rescuers provided first aid and lowered the victim on a rope. A medical worker of the plant examined a colleague's leg and decided to transport him to a medical facility. The evacuation lasted less than 20 minutes, the result of the training was achieved, there were no injuries.