Russia, St. Petersburg, Kontorskaya street, 11

"Scarlet Sails". View from the Neva river

On the night of June 24-25, the main holiday of graduates "Scarlet Sails" was held in St. Petersburg. The best places went to the employees of the AN-Security transport security division working at the city berths of the Northern Capital.

Some of the floating piers work around the clock, and even such truly All-Russian celebrations do not change the usual schedule. Of course, our employees could not ignore such a colorful event, but no one left work either: during the passage of the ship and the firework show, the transport security facilities were under reliable protection.

By the way, this year the "Scarlet Sails" are associated with several round dates at once. Firstly, exactly 55 years ago, the first such alumni holiday was held in Leningrad. Secondly, Alexander Green's fairy tale extravaganza was published in 1923. Finally, this year St. Petersburg celebrates its 320th anniversary.