Russia, St. Petersburg, Kontorskaya street, 11

Guarding the premiere of the Kinopoisk original animated series 'Obyasnyalkiny' ('The Explainers')

The premiere screening of the first episodes of the animated series 'Obyasnyalkiny' (a play on the word "obyasnyat'" - "to explain" as the main characters' family surname), which the 'Plus Studio' company and the 'nerds' association developed specially for the 'Kinopoisk' online cinema, took place in the 'Aurora' movie theatre in St. Petersburg. AN-Security was responsible for the security of the event.

The project was presented from the stage by the creators — screenwriter Yegor Loskutov, popular blogger and voice actor Dima Syyenduk. The animated series has become an offshoot of the YouTube almanac 'Ya eto uzhe videl' ('I've already seen it'), and tells about a family that hosts its own educational show.

A team of indie animators from all over the CIS worked on the cartoon. Despite the format and name, this adult animation piece is a satire on the "proper" family educational TV shows with many references to geek culture.