Russia, St. Petersburg, Kontorskaya street, 11

Holidays for the Best

The award ceremony for the best employees of AN-Security was held in St. Petersburg. The winners of the corporate contest were Olga Volkova (Petrozavodsk), Alexey Zhemaltdinov (Yaroslavl), Alexander Turbin (Novosibirsk), Eduard Naptsok (Krasnodar), Vasily Zverev (Yekaterinburg), Irina Konovalova (Samara) and Marat Rakhimov (Ufa). A special rich programme was designed for the victors, including a city tour, an evening walk along rivers and canals and visits to the Hermitage, the Lower Park of the Peterhof Palace and the Grand Model Russia Museum.

"Both security staff and the company managers were among the best. There were several selection criteria, and the decision was made by our regional managers," says Vera Pashkova, the executive assistant of An-Security and the organizer of the St. Petersburg Holidays. “Some of the awardees were in St. Petersburg for the first time and, of course, were impressed by the beauty of our city. There was a surprise as well -St. Petersburg met the guests with rain. It is easy to fall in love with our city in good weather, but those who can enjoy walking the city streets in rain and slush come back to us again and again. But on the second day, the Capital of Culture changed its mood, and in Peterhof we enjoyed our time in the sunshine".

The programme of exploring St. Petersburg was very rich. The group spent several hours on the sightseeing trip, and almost 2 hours of it were spent in the Hermitage. On the second day, there was a walk around the park where some of the group witnessed the trick fountains which were invented and built by Peter the Great. Upon reaching the Gulf of Finland, some were surprised to learn that its water was fresh. Then the group visited the largest Russia’s model, which occupies an area of 800 square metres!

"I visited this museum for the first time. I am impressed! The model is very advanced, so detailed that when you press a button, an excavator starts working or people start to move. And everything is the size of a matchstick. It is obvious that the model was made by Russian super craftsmen," says Alexey Zhemaltdinov. "In short, I really enjoyed the trip! Thank you very much!”